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Genestor GenFlow
Secured Web-Based WorkFlow and Process Automation
· Automate and organize work processes
· Complete tasks from anywhere, anytime
· Route information to where it’s needed, when it’s needed
· Manage work queues and send alerts
· Balance, report and analyze productivity
· Maintain an archive of completed assignments
· Realize full user and procedure security for each department
· Integrate documents with existing applications and tasks
Advanced work queue management lets each user or group have secured access to workflow assignments and related documents. From their queue, a user can manage assignments and immediately access the information required to complete a work item. Productivity can be balanced by creating user groups that share work queues. When work items are completed, they are moved out of the active queue and into the completed archive. Users with administrative rights can also access, manage and monitor other work queues.
Workflow procedures may be created to dynamically allocate and transfer work items into work queues. Each step in a defined process can then be associated with instructions, information and documents to help users quickly complete their assignments. A complete reporting module provides feedback that will further improve existing workflow processes. For enhanced security, only users with administrative rights can define procedures.
To provide quick access to work item related information, work queue items and process steps can be associated with other applications and document links. These documents are retrieved using the PC’s Web browser. When a document appears in the browser, it can be electronically enhanced for easier viewing.
At Genestor, our goal is to be your document management and workflow partner
Genestor specializes in providing applications and services that increase business office productivity.

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