The "Enterprise Suite" that incorporates all of the Genestor product offerings into one robust, secured, single sign-on solution.


The Genestor eDocNet system is a Web-based document management software solution that provides users with the capability to instantly capture, organize and retrieve documents and their associated index records. These documents can be scanned pages or other types of electronic formats. Users communicate with the system through a secure Web browser Internet or intranet connection and are assigned security keys to permit selective access to specific documents and records. The ad-hoc report module generates detail or summary information based on any eDocNet index information.


GenFlow is a Web-based workflow management software solution that empowers users to create, track and organize work processes throughout an organization. Workflow tasks are assigned to groups and users from either a predefined process or ad-hoc as required. To increase office procedure productivity, documents and reference links can be associated with any work item. Security can be established to permit selective access to specific work queues for different users and groups.


GenWebReports is a powerful, yet easy-to-use web-based reporting and ad-hoc query solution. It empowers users with the type of "information at your fingertips" tools they need - without being overly-complicated and difficult to learn or use. With GenWebReports, you will be able to quickly design your own presentation-quality Reports. You can create and apply Filters to your Reports to narrow down and focus on exactly the information you need. You can also analyze, and generate your reports in a wide variety of popular output formats - including viewing/printing the report in your web browser, or downloading the report in Excel, Adobe Acrobat, Comma-Delimited, XML, or HTML formats.


Transform, Process, Route, Report & Archive your data quickly and easily without incurring costly programming fees. Our software is extremly user-friendly, intiuitive, and highly robust to handle virtually any data related tasks. With our proven, time-tested technologies, errors that gennerally occur with custom programming are now absolete.


GenServ is a powerful interface tool for system integration. Information can be seamlessly passed between disparate systems using a variety of data formats and protocols. Interfaces can be set up in either real-time or batch mode. The GenServ interface engine runs unattended as a system service with full interface transaction logs, triggers, alarms, and user and email notifications.


Within minutes you can “document-enable” your current Windows legacy applications with GenDesk. Using a simple setup program, have your existing applications launch the eDocNet viewer, automatically create index fields and display associated documents. This real-time desktop interface will reduce manual indexing, eliminate duplicate entry errors and dramatically improve user productivity. GenDesk utilizes advanced programming interfaces (API) at the operating system and can communicate with any windows-based application.