Expedite the evolution to office automation with Genestor expert service offerings.

Application Service Provider (ASP)

Let Genestor host your document management and workflow applications. We do the work for you; all that's necessary are PCs with web browsers and a broadband internet connection. The same extensive functions are provided as with an in-house solution but the host server resides in a SSL (Secured Socket Layer) remote site. Save on upfront server hardware costs and the ongoing expense associated with additional technical support staff.

Document Management Consulting

Genestor has the experts to help you make the right decisions. Our staff includes CDIA (Certified Document Imaging Architecture) consultants that have the experience to plan a solution that meets your demanding requirements.

Conversions, Back Scanning, Forms Recognition, OCR, Barcoding

Jump-start your office automation project by having Genestor convert your current paper based documents into a readily accessible electronic format. We have the services and methods to make you paperless in a very short time. We can also convert electronic documents that use outdated unsupported formats into current, easily retrievable, standardized formats.

Interface & Data Conversions

Bringing disparate systems together is one of our specialties. Genestor can convert your data from one format to another or transform your information for use on an ancillary system. We have over 25 years expertise in creating interfaces alone. We've converted to and from virtually every format imaginable. You name the format; chances are we've converted it.